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Professional Collateral Recovery & Repossessions

Wisconsin Repossessors is the answer to all of your collateral recovery needs in Wisconsin and Alabama. We use only state of the art recovery equipment with video surveillance to limit exposure to false claims. Wisconsin Repossessors offers first class skip tracing and can locate hard to find collateral anywhere in the United States. Every recovery begins with finding the collateral. Wisconsin Repossessors specializes in recovery of all types of collateral. We have specifically trained field agents and the appropriate recovery equipment to facilitate the safe, damage free recovery of all types of collateral. specializing in fast repossession service. Once you decide that your collateral needs to be repossessed, you want a repossessor that is going to act fast. we will act quickly, and professionally to repossess your collateral wherever it may be.  We use the latest techniques and most advanced technologies including DRN cameras to locate and recover vehicles for our clients.

Passenger Vehicles

Rental Cars



Class A Vehicles

Motor Homes

Heavy Equipment


Wisconsin Repossessors, LLC is an affiliate of DRN, the Nationwide leader in LPR. DRN scans over 155 million license plates per month. This results in faster repossession response times and reduces charge-off accounts.

Involuntary Repossessions

 At Wisconsin Repossessors we offer expert repossession services to finance companies, banks and other lending institutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses the latest and most advanced technological methods to track down and recover collateral including the use of DRN cameras on our tow trucks that can spot license plates and help identify the target vehicles. We specialize in vehicle repossession and our agents are trained to avoid confrontations and practice conflict minimizing techniques, allowing our clients to avoid any unpleasantness and reducing negative reactions from the debtor as well. Wisconsin Repossessors is committed to providing the most reliable and dependable recovery services and doing so with honesty and integrity.

 Locksmith & Key Services

We have a full time locksmith in house who specializing in Standard, VAT, PATS, Laser, and newer "SMART" keys.

Voluntary & Impound Repossessions

 In some cases, individuals may be willing to voluntarily surrender their vehicles or other collateral to the lending institution when their loans. At Wisconsin Repossessors we handle these matters with courtesy and professionalism, ensuring that our clients are represented positively during these encounters with the public. Additionally, We go the extra mile to provide outstanding service and employ the most effective conflict resolution techniques to ensure that each transaction is managed smoothly and with minimal stress for all parties. The management and staff of Wisconsin Repossessors are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive recovery services for our clients and to make the entire voluntary repossession process painless and convenient.

Professional Skiptracing & Locates

We have a full time skip tracing department that has access to a comprehensive array of investigative tools. Our agents are trained to locate your collateral in the most professional and efficient manner possible.